Monday, April 25, 2011

This Makes Absolutely No Sense

Any of you have signs that look like this in your town?
I noticed them a couple of years ago, but aside from being mildly irritated (as if my town was snobbish and exclusive prior to the signs going up, RIIIIIGHT) I didn't bother to check into what it might mean.

I don't know what made me finally google "morgantown inclusive community" but hoo-boy did I get a surprise!

Go ahead and click; you can see the current month's "Inclusive Community" calendar right here.

You will notice that only about a third of the dates on the calendar are Jewish or Christian.  I think you can scroll back through the months and see that in addition to the wide variety of Eastern non-Christian religious holidays listed for April of this year, most if not all of the Muslim important dates are identified as such too.

This is all fine and dandy; I'm all for members of whatever religion letting other people know when a major holiday is going to occur.  I will repeat, I have NO PROBLEM with religious evangelization whatsoever.  I am a Byzantine Catholic and am going to stay that way, but if the local Hindu temple wants to get the word out about one of their festivals, I have no issues with them putting a blurb on this calendar, buying a billboard, getting radio ads or what-have-you.

What I DO have a problem with, dear readers, is when a CATHOLIC CHRISTIAN does the announcing for non-Christian faiths.

Click back over to that calendar and see that the same person is the go-to for all but two of the events/holidays on the April 2011 calendar.  Folks, this guy is Catholic.  He attends the Divine Liturgy at my parish on a reasonably regular basis.

I refer you to the Gospel of St. Mark.

I just can't reconcile that Scripture with what I see on that calendar.  Again, to clarify - I have no desire to stamp out all non-Judeo-Christian religions from my town, my state or my country.  None at all.  I just think they need to find someone in their own camp to be their publicity agent.  Because I'm a smidgen scandalized, to tell you the truth.


  1. The word "inclusive" (previously a pretty benign word) raises a red flag for me these days (similar to the way the words "choice" & "tolerance" have been warped). Say it like it is St. Mark!

  2. Right! How can we preach the Gospel to all nations if we are busy being "inclusive" of those who do not believe the Gospel? Almost makes me want to organize a protest......