Saturday, April 9, 2011

Life at Aquinas Academy, Where Learning Happens Even if You're Shooting Nerf Darts at the TV

I remembered a couple of days ago that I haven't posted anything about what we've been doing in the way of school lately.  So:  Velvet finished her 'catch-up' math workbook and has moved into Saxon 6/5.  She's doing rather well; I think she just needed a bit of extra practice and a slight change of pace.  Birdman finished up with Algebra 1 and chose to do Geometry, followed by Algebra 2 (the same way I did in high school oh-so-many-years-ago). Fortunately there is a tutoring CD-ROM for the Geometry so I don't have to work so hard to dredge up my high school geometry!  He's also taking the Apologia Biology.  Lightning McQueen has moved up to Saxon 7/6 (!).  Velvet and he are working on their 4-H project books:  horses and cats for Velvet, and chickens and dogs for Lightning McQueen.  I recently posted about our two new chicks, which are growing and soon will be at the stage where they are no longer very cute, but still not useful as egg-layers. (We had to put a screen lid on the box because they figured out how to get out of the box a couple of days ago).

Each of them has a reading list on which they record the books they read, and we do mental math at the grocery store.  Civics and social studies is taken care of by following the local elections, going to political campaign events, and getting to know our neighbors (which reminds me that we have an interesting project going this year but I'll post about that later). I've also started little geography quizzes where I ask them to tell me how to go to some place.

We got the registration forms in the mail for 4-H camp, which I am going to try very hard to send them to this year.  Birdman of course will be going to CAP Encampment (he was recently promoted to Cadet Tech Sergeant, by the way), and may be going back to Cincinnati to visit his friend, who moved there a couple of years ago.

I still have plans for a trip to Johnstown, PA at some point; there are several museums there we'd like to see - both the Johnstown Flood and the Immigrants' Museum.  And Gettysburg, PA (I'm trying to figure out if we can do both of those on one very long day).  We also hope to go back to Indianapolis in May......there's an awesome variety of stuff to see there, not all of it connected with the race.

I'm happy to report that Birdman's penmanship is improving.

The spring peepers are peeping now, and it's very tempting to go get a dishpan full of tadpoles and puddle water to watch them grow.  We'll probably be over on that side of town sometime this weekend so I might just do that.

I still need to do a post about our "neighbor project" and another Price Check post.  I hope to get to those in the next couple of days.  I'm waiting to hear back from Knit Picks about my socks too!

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