Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Places I'll Go......

Some of them I know, and some I don't.  This evening I know one place I will not be, and that is at Church.

I had big plans!  I got up on time this morning, the kids got up (sort of) on time, they (mostly) did their schoolwork without whining and griping......

yes, I know it is Holy and Great Thursday.  I know that most kids, no matter where they go to school, are off school.  However, my children have been a bit of a behavior/scheduling/bickering/not doing what they are told problem lately, so they do not get an Easter Vacation.  But I digress.
.....and they all said "OK" when I told them THREE TIMES that Vespers and Divine Liturgy would begin at 7 pm and that we. were. going.

Fast forward to 6 pm.  67% of the children are showered.  100% of them are dressed, but only one of the three has on clothing suitable for Church in the middle of the week.  One even still has on the dog-walking sweatpants from early this morning.  Two of the three have uncombed hair.  The one who wears glasses, isn't. I discover that the one who is, I think, ready to go out the door to Church is in fact NOT WEARING SOCKS. At least dinner is ready.

6:30 pm.  100% of the children are dawdling over their dinner, the sweatpants child has not changed his clothes, my hillbilly kid still has not put on any socks, and I have not only developed a headache, but my TMJ is back with a vengeance.

6:35 pm.  I call off Church, since if we leave rightnowthisveryinstant we will get there exactly on time, but I still see sweatpants on the dog-walking kid which means we will be very late........this kid takes to change his clothes.

Life is so grand, isn't it?

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